Mmmm… This Mexican Hot Chocolate Trifle Looks Almost Too Good to Be True

Feast your eyes on Another Mexican Hot Chocolate Trifle recipe! If you love chocolate trifle recipes, then this Mexican Hot Chocolate Trifle will be right up your alley. Chocolate seems to be a favourite dessert food for many people and there are so many amazing chocolate recipes out there. Chocolate dates back to being in recipes in ancient times. People used to regard chocolate as a sacred food. To the Mayan people it was called to Food of the Gods, and they still do many ceremonies with natural one hundred percent real cacao, called cacao ceremonies. These ceremonies use chocolate's euphoric causing tendencies in a sacred way to reach higher states of consciousness. It is regarded to be a heart opener, opening the emotions of the person to deeper levels of intimacy on an emotional level. This is also why giving chocolate is seen as a romantic or loving gesture when given as a gift. In a cacao ceremony, the cacao is taken in liquid form, in a mixture with water. When the cacao mixture is taken, dopamine is released which causes those euphoric feelings, as well as phenethylamine which relieves stress. In Mexico, real hot chocolate is also served as a beverage, which this recipe is based on. Mexican hot chocolate is known for being very decadent, made with pure cacao and fresh cream that has been heated up. I have tried it before in Mexico, and it is absolutely divine! Sometimes they will even mix in mescal, which is a type of alcohol created from the agave plant.

So now you know that even when we are eating chocolate in it's processed form, we will get some of these wonderful happy feelings and that eating chocolate actually has a wonderful benefits to it. So when you make this amazing Hot Chocolate Trifle recipe you will know that you are actually doing something good for yourself and not feel guilty whatsoever. For this epic recipe from My Recipes website, you will need some pure chocolate, usually bakers chocolate will be 100% cacao, I like to use Camino organic and free trade cacao for all of my baking. Then you need some butter, white and brown sugar, eggs, vanilla, flour, powdered cocoa, milk, salt, and cinnamon. Cinnamon is something that is added into chocolate and hot chocolate a lot in Mexico, that and chilli peppers for a nice heat, it sounds strange, but it actually tastes really good.

There are also the recipes for the home made chocolate ganache, and the marshmallow topping. The chocolate cake part of the dessert is cut up into one inch cubes to be layered in with the chocolate ganache layer, and the marshmallow layer. You just keep layering them in a clear trifle bowl, and then top with lovely curls of shaved chocolate. The end result looks fabulous! Trifle dessert recipes are another recipe that has been around for quite some time, people used to soak pieces of bread in alcohol like vodka and layer in fruit and cream or custard. The trifle dessert used to be very popular after World War II because of how simple and cheap it was to make. Now people don't usually soak the cake in alcohol, but they still love to come up with different variations of this awesome desert, like this Mexican Hot Chocolate Trifle. I am definitely going to add this recipe to my list of recipes to try out. Are you going to give it a try? Make sure you check out more recipes on My Recipes website as well!

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