Momofuku Milk Bar's Decadent S'more-Like Chocolate Cake

There is so much to love about this Momofuku Milk Bar's Decadent S'more-Like Chocolate Cake. Created by Christine Tosi from Momofuku Milk Bar in New York City this chocolate malt cake recipe has brownie like layers that are piled high with chocolate-malt crumbs, malt-fudge sauce, and toasted marshmallows. This is cake recipes is just the thing you need when you are craving something sweet. This cake recipe would work perfectly for kids birthday cakes or just when you need an amazing cake recipes. This cake recipe is sure to be one of the best cake recipes you will try. This cake recipe could be compared to having s'mores in a cake. With homemade chocolate malt crumbs that contain milk crumbs, Ovaltine chocolate malt mix and high-quality white chocolate this cake recipes takes it to a whole new level.

Did you know that the use of the marshmallow plant to make dessert recipes dates far back as to ancient Egypt? At that time, a marshmallow recipe would call for extracting sap from the marshmallow plant and then mixing it with nuts and honey. Other marshmallow recipes and cake recipes used the marshmallow plants pith, instead of the marshmallow sap. The stem of the marshmallow plant could then be peeled back to reveal a soft and spongy pith; that was then boiled into a sugary syrup and then dried to produce a soft, chewy marshmallow recipe. You could also find the gladiators of ancient Rome, using the marshmallow plant's sap. They would use the sap to rub on their bodies in preparation for fights. These days marshmallows are more popular than ever before with them being used in all sorts of dessert recipes and cake recipes. One of the most popular marshmallow recipes you will hear about is marshmallows used in smores recipes. Smores are the dessert recipe that was made popular on camping trips. To make smores you toast a marshmallow over the campfire, then sandwich it with a piece of chocolate between two graham crackers. Whether you find marshmallows in cake recipes, amazing cake recipes or toasted for smores they are always a favorite.

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