Momís Pouring Glue Onto Her Sponge and The Reason Why Is Genius!

You can learn how to make your life easier with just a few simple life hacks. In this video from WhatsUpMoms YouTube channel, you will learn many real life hacks including why this mom is pouring glue onto her sponge. The reason why is actually quite genius. If you have little ones around, you know how hectic and messy life can be. You want to keep up with your child's interests and give them fun things to do, but staying on top of the mess can add a lot more work to your day. Good thing there are all of these awesome hacks that will show you how to make your life easier just by doing a few simple things. Crafting can be especially fun for kids to get into, and finding the crafty projects for them to make can be fun for mom's too. There are so many great ideas on YouTube and Pinterest alone, plus there are tons of great books that you can buy at the book store, or you can borrow from the library. The only down side to crafting is that there can be a big mess to clean up afterward, which is where these real life hacks come in so handy.

Enjoy watching this short informative video that is jam packed with cleaning and crafting hacks to keep your kid's crafting clean and organized. You don't have to go out an buy anything either, most of the simple life hacks in this video use items you already have on hand, saving you time and money. If your child loves to paint, simply put paint into old hand wash pump bottles for easy access to their paint. All they have to do is pump and the paint will come out into their container, plus, the unused paint will not dry out between painting sessions. Keeping little beads and gems organized during crafting can be most difficult, but using a muffin tin lined with paper liners can keep these little things contained. It also makes clean up a lot easier too. If you have a bunch of old markers that don't work like they used to, just put them in water and the dyes will seep out making a nice water colour paint for kids to use. How cool is that? If the art has gone off the paper and onto the walls, just use some denatured alcohol which you can find at most hardware stores, and those marker and crayon marks will come right off.

Keep your table tops mess free by using some press and seal wrap on top of your kitchen table or wherever your child does his or her crafting. All you have to do when they're done is peel it away and throw it in the trash. You may still be wondering about what the glue on the sponge is all about though. Well, if you add some glue to a sponge and leave it in a tupperware container, your kids can use the sponge to apply glue to their paper by pressing the paper onto the sponge. When they are all done, just put the lid on and it saves the glue for future use, plus there are no major glue spills to clean up. Keeping the lids of your white glue unplugged is also easy when you just soak your glue lids in some olive oil for a a while. Enjoy trying out some of these great real life hacks and see how well they work with your children. Check out more of the great hacks featured on WhatsUpMom's YouTube channel to learn how to make your life easier.***

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