Monster Cookie Cheesecake

There are some dessert recipes that are better kept a secret until you are about to serve, or you may not have any dessert to serve up when it comes time. This "Monster Cookie Cheescake," is just that recipe, as any child who sees it, might be tempted to grab a piece or two! Monster cookies are an old favourite type of cookie with M&Ms in them, or smarties. I personally prefer the Smarties candies in them better, but to each their own. These cookies are much like a chocolate chip cookie sometimes, but just with he M&Ms or Smarties in place of the chocolate chips. Other times, the cookie dough has some peanut butter added into it, for a different flavour. This recipe does have peanut butter in it actually. Sometimes, the monster cookies also have some oatmeal or oats in them. But that is not all with this recipe, this recipe is also a cheese cake! WOW! This cake would be an amazing cake for a child's birthday party, I could see kids just going crazy over this cake! Can't you!? What would be more perfect for a kids birthday than a rainbow cookie cheesecake?!

This monster cookie cheesecake recipe is a tall creamy mixture of cookie and cheesecake, that you and your family are sure to love. There are several layers of goodness that starts with the monster cookie crust recipe that is a thick, peanut buttery mixture of oats and M&M's. Next you have the creamy cheesecake layer with a classic cheesecake recipe to prepare, there are mini M&M's swirled throughout the cheesecake, for added colour too. The mini size adds the perfect about of crunch to the recipe. Then there is the chocolate ganache layer, topped with monster cookies, oh my goodness! For the full recipe details and photos you'll want to take a look at the recipe site. It would also be fun to add on some whipped cream to this cake too, and serve it with maybe some chocolate sauce poured on top! Hey, if you only eat things like this once in a while, than what's the harm, right?

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