Most People Have Had Lemon Bars, But These Coconut Key Lime Bars Are Our Best Kept Secret

Do you love lemon and lime desserts to the max? Most People Have Had Lemon Bars, But These Coconut Key Lime Bars Are Our Best Kept Secret! Lemons and limes make some of the best dessert recipes out there. They complement the sweetness of a dessert perfectly, with their tangy, tart flavour that bursts with freshness. We all know the typical lemon bar recipe that gets served a lot. It usually consists of a sugar cookie crust with the lemony gelatinous topping. They are so very simple to whip up, and they are a great standby dessert, but it's also fun to try something new once in a while. So while lemon desserts sometimes seem to be a bit more popular than the lime desserts, we have one lime dessert recipe for you that will satisfy that lime flavour craving!

This recipe comes from 12 Tomatoes, a food blog on the web. The people at 12 Tomatoes do a wonderful job of sharing a vast array of recipes with us that seem to have an original spin on them. They not only share dessert recipes, but recipes for appetisers, lunch meal ideas, dinner ideas, and breakfast ideas as well. So if you need one recipe website that covers it all, this is one of the best! With over five million people who like it on Facebook, we have to admit that it must be a pretty popular go-to spot when looking for recipes of all different kinds. They surely hit the nail on the head with this lemon dessert recipe, it looks and sounds so amazing and would be a hit at any party or gathering! You will definitely be asked for the recipe for these babies, and it seems to already be a very popular recipe on their website too.

Instead of using the sugar cookie or graham cracker for the base of the recipe, this one uses ginger snaps as the base or the crust of the bars. The ginger snaps would add some nice additional spice and heat to the bars, giving them yet another layer of flavour to them. The topping is made with egg yolks, condensed milk, cream cheese, and some lime juice with zest. Pretty simple recipe right? They also added in some coconut flakes in this recipe to give it a nice tropical flavour. Limes seem to be more of a tropical citrus fruit than the lemons seem to be, so why not add some tropical coconut to the mix?

All you have to do is process the gingersnap cookies into a fine powder and mix that with butter and brown sugar, to make a doughy crust. The crust then gets baked before the topping goes on. The lime topping is then mixed up while the crust bakes and then is poured onto the crust that is still warm from the oven, and then it is all baked yet again in the oven until it is done. It is best if you can chill the finished baked bars afterwards, as these are always best chilled. They look really pretty dusted with a light dusting of icing sugar before serving them. That is really all you have to do to get these lovely little lime bars! What a great recipe! This recipe would be perfect for anytime of year, perfect for Christmastime, because of the festive colours, and the light dusting of icing sugar on top that would look like snow, or even in the summer time as a nice tropical tasting dessert with the lime and the coconut to kind of taste like a margarita drink. So try these out any time for the perfectly sweet and tangy dessert recipe, you will be so glad that you did. Check out more recipes on the 12 Tomatoes website as well.

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