Mousetrap Catapult

No one likes a mouse running around in their house because they are known carriers of diseases and other unwanted germs. With that in mind, you will need to use a mousetrap. But are you aware that those traps aren't just made for catching a nasty mouse? There's another use for it, and that's to build a mousetrap catapult! So if you're looking for something that could help you practice in shooting some golf balls, this device is exactly what you need to build.

Today you will learn how to make one yourself. You will need some basic materials aside from the traditional mousetrap that you could buy in stores. You must also find a hanger made of wire, a cordless electric drill, some screws, a nail, duct tape, a 10.5 x 3.5 inch block of wood and some needle nose pliers with a wire cutter.

Although this project is easy, we would still want you to be careful when you handle the mousetrap because that thing is dangerous. Its spring could snap, and it could possibly hurt you and even break a finger. There will be drilling involved in this project, so you better make sure that you know how to handle that equipment as well. We also advise not to make this homemade mousetrap with the kids around. It's best that you're alone or with someone you know who is capable of helping you finish this project.

The first thing that you need to do is to remove everything that's on the mousetrap. Just leave the spring and the part that traps the mouse, also known as the hammer. After you're done with that, clip the end of the hammer on the area where the spring is not connected to. Make sure that it is straightened out that you're able to see an arm formed to connect to the spring.

We know that you'd want to learn more about the full instructions of this DIY mouse catapult, so we suggest that you check out the website “Instructables” below.

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