My Wife Wanted To Kill Me When I Put Oven Racks In The Bath. Then I Showed Her Why And She Apologized!

We all know how tough it can be to deep clean the oven. Be forewarned, your spouse may be quite confused as to why you're putting your oven racks in the bathtub, but when they see the results they will be amazed and so will you. Even if you use your oven's self cleaning setting, the oven racks still don't get the the attention they need. Because of the high temperature of the self cleaning setting in your oven, you are not supposed to leave your oven racks in the oven while this setting is being used. The high temperatures can cause the protective layer of the metal to become damaged, resulting in a rack that is more prone to staining. But how do you get all of those dark spots of hardened gunk off of these racks? They are so hard to scrub with all of the little bars, and even chemical cleaners can't really make a difference with the oven racks. That's where cleaning tips and tricks like this one featured on All Tips Ideas come to your rescue. You will probably want to go and try this as soon as you finish watching the video on their website.

This tutorial featured on All Tips Ideas comes to us from Clean My Space, a channel on Youtube filled with tons of amazing cleaning tips and tricks. Melissa Maker, the created of the videos, has learned all of these cleaning tips and tricks over the years and so she shares them online so that other people can benefit from them. She also puts new cleaning tips and tricks that she's tested out on her channel so there is always something new and exciting to test out in your own home cleaning routine. In the tutorial, Melissa teaches us how to clean oven racks naturally, with nothing more than some hot water and some laundry detergent. Keep in mind this tutorial will only be natural if you use natural laundry detergent, so be sure to choose one that is natural and biodegradable with no harmful chemicals in it. Now that people are becoming more conscious about their own personal health and wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of the planet, there are more natural products than ever to choose from. Environmental Working Group has a wonderful, comprehensive guide that helps you to find the best natural products for your home and personal use. Just go on their website to research products before buying them, or download their app on your phone or tablet to take with you as you do your grocery shopping.

All you do is lay your oven racks in the bathtub, on an old towel preferably so that you don't scrape up your tub, and then run the hottest water possible on them and cover the racks. Then, use a cup of your laundry detergent and add it to the water covering your racks. Melissa uses powdered laundry detergent because it will have an abrasive quality to it, but liquid detergent will also work just fine. Dish detergent will also work for this cleaning method. Once the oven racks are submerged in the hot water and detergent, leave them to soak for 6 hours or more. All of that time will really help to loosen the hardened on grime and gunk, making it easier to scrub off. After the time is up, scrub the racks with a scrubby sponge or a brush and watch the gunk peel right off. If you enjoyed this tutorial on how to clean your oven racks naturally, then you'll really like more of the cleaning tips and tricks featured on All Tips Ideas, and right here on our site too.***

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