NASA Brings Scientists & Theologians Together To Prepare World For Extraterrestrial Contact

Things seem to be changing on a fairly regular basis for humanity, and we are evolving and having our minds stretched by things we may have never believed to be possible. As NASA Brings Scientists & Theologians Together To Prepare World For Extraterrestrial Contact, people will be shocked and amazed at what information will be brought forth to the general public. This is also nothing new to a lot of people, as many people know that extraterrestrials exist and are not at all afraid of the outcome of having them known about, and accepting that they exist, just as much as we exist. This article from Educating Humanity, is a great one that shares many different perspectives on the existence of extraterrestrial beings in our universe.

The thing is, we have to realize that our universe is not just about us, there are many many other civilizations in our universe, and it would be naive of people to think that with that many different places, there is nothing else outside there but us. It is not so much preparing people, as it is helping people to accept that there is, in fact, extraterrestrial life out there in the universe. People in the mainstream of society though, will often need some kind of proof to prove to themselves and others that some thing like this could be true. Humans have a funny way of trying to rationalize everything, so that it makes sense, and people also, in turn, tend to fear what they don't understand.

People who already grasp the concept that our extraterrestrial kin, do exist, are ahead of the curve, and understand that usually they mean absolutely no harm to us. They are just our cosmic kin, and we are all a part of the larger cosmic family of the universe. Many people have had visitations, as you will read about in this article, and maybe if you are reading this, you have had one before too. Many people have also had UFO sightings before, and now it is to the point where people are able to call these ships space crafts, because we now are accepting what they are, and not just calling them unidentified flying objects anymore.

There have also been cover ups, like this article points out, and extraterrestrials have been seen more than a few times on our planet, dating back to ancient days. This is a great article and a great website that shows that we are definitely not alone in the universe, and that it is maybe about time that people just accept that there are other beings out there. Even people at the Vatican claim that they know extra terrestrials exist and that they would welcome them. So, really, it is not a matter of if they exist, it is a matter of those who don't accept that they exist, accepting the fact that they do, and being aware that these things are very possible and beings like this do exist.

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