NASA Mars Curiosity Spotted Fossilized Skull On Mars

NASA Mars Curiosity spots a fossilized skull! Even if you are not a space junkie or a real enthusiast about space matters and topics about aliens, your jaw will still drop when you hear what news NASA has regarding possible life on other planets. There has been some evidence previously documented regarding the possible existence of other life on Mars and with the help of our latest technology; it is looking like we are making more discoveries. It is believed that planet Mars has held life, does hold life; and, that it is also a possible that humans could survive on Mars. These discoveries are significant.

NASA has reported finding a thigh bone on Mars. NASA did not stop there. Recently, they also found a skull that looks like in the form of a Nephilim. The head is oblong in shape, and when you take a closer look at the image, it appears to be in the form of a human face. It has a jaw and even parts where teeth can also be found. This finding is fascinating, and these types of discoveries continue to keep people even more intrigued about the planet Mars. There were also bones discovered on its surface looking a skeleton of a creature similar to that of a human being.

This fossilized skull found on Mars could be an indication that life on the red planet is undoubtedly possible. The question is, where and what are these lifeforms? Will the rover be able to spot them alive? Are these lifeforms intelligent enough to know the planet is being watched and if so do you think they would hide behind the lenses of the Curiosity rover to avoid detection? The more NASA discovers the more we are forced to accept that we likely are not the only species in the universe.

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