Nasa Turns off ISS HD Cam When UFO Appears

I, myself, have never seen a UFO. Of course, I think it’s interesting, I would love to see one someday. But just as I am about to spot a UFO live on screen, NASA turns off ISS HD cam when it appears. Oh well, my high chances of witnessing UFO live has gone down. *silence* “But wait, what did you just say? They did what?” Again, NASA turns off ISS HD cam WHEN UFO appears. But the issue here is why? Is it just a coincidence? Or did NASA turn it off on purpose? Anyway, I’ll tell you everything about it.

On January 15,2015, a live feed aboard the International Space Station shows a mysterious object flying thousands of miles away when NASA cut the streaming off. Why? Due to technical difficulties. The unidentified flying object appears to be sphere-shaped and gray in color. The size is still unknown, but it is believed to be large. Is NASA covering it up? Yes, perhaps.

According to a report by Ellie Zolfagharifard in Daily Mail website, this is not the first time that a UFO appears in a live feed from the space station. In fact, a lot of live feed cuttings have been made every time it shows up. Recently, another UFO incident occurred when a gray object is seen coming up from the horizon. But then again, NASA is good at turning off the camera. Some people say that the object is just debris or space junk. Well, it is later identified that the supposed UFO is only a speck of dust or a lens flare from the sun. However, this didn't stop conspiracy theorists in claiming that there are aliens. They raise their eyebrows every time the NASA and government officials deny the secret UFO contact allegations.

It is likely that the object is an alien space ship. But it is also possible that it’s just a space leftover. What about you? What are you going to believe? To help you decide, click on “Alien UFO Research” website below to watch the 21-second video.

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