Natural ways to help combat CANCER! Forbidden Knowledge!

Cancer is one of today’s major killers. As many as two million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every single year and one in three people will receive a cancer diagnosis during their life. These are staggering statistics. While Western medicine has developed exponentially over the last century, it is still no closer to finding a cancer cure. In fact, this cancer epidemic is a dream for ‘Big Pharma’ who stand to profit only by silencing untraditional or alternative medicines that claim to cure cancer. But today, you’re going to learn some of the Natural ways to combat CANCER! Forbidden Knowledge!

While many of the cures for cancer may be relatively simple and not involve toxins and other chemicals provided by Big Pharma, they are ‘forbidden cures’ (because Big Pharma won’t profit from natural cures for diseases). Cancer has almost become an industry, and it is big business. The cancer industry doesn’t expend resources on effective prevention strategies (things such as dietary guidelines, exercise and obesity education, health and nutrition). Instead, money is funnelled into ‘treating’ cancer, rather than preventing it or curing it. Despite the enormous amounts of money being given to cancer research, it is estimated that two out of every three cancer patients will still die within five years after receive standard cancer treatment (which is comprised of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation).

While these numbers are shocking, what may be more shocking to some is that there are so many things you can do to lower your risk of developing cancer. Cancer is much easier to prevent than it is to treat, so it is important not to wait until tomorrow or Monday or the start of next month. These are relatively simple strategies you can start now!

Of course, the two big things to avoid are exposure to radiation and toxins. Radiation is produced by cell phones, towers, base stations and Wi-Fi stations. Limit your contact with these items and areas. Environmental toxins are everywhere – pesticides, herbicides, household cleaners, synthetic air fresheners and even in cosmetics. You don’t have to give up make-up. But be smart, be aware and make healthier choices. Two other very important ways to help to reduce your chances of developing cancer are to reduce stress (it is well documented that stress causes or contributes to major diseases) and make sure you are getting enough restorative sleep (lack of sleep interferes with melatonin production – this is associated with increased risk of diabetes and obesity and both are major contributors to cancer’s virility).

There are also a number of supplements you can take, such as Vitamin D (which can decrease your risk of cancer by over half), krill oil (which normalizes your ratio of omeda-3 and omega-6 fats) and natural probiotics (optimizing gut flora reduces inflammation and helps strengthen your immune system). As well as these supplements, there is a variety of others, as well as other preventative measures you can take.

But what if you already have cancer? The most powerful strategy is to starve the cells by depriving them of their food or fuel sources (sugars, proteins and fats). Historically fasting (water fasting) has been a proven method for starving infections and diseases and for strengthening the body’s natural immune system. While this may seem ‘tough’, chemotherapy is also 'tough'. So don’t despair, the forbidden knowledge of the natural ways to help to combat cancer are likely much easier than you thought! But don’t wait, start now. It’s easier to prevent than to combat.

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