New Alien Footage Found. 19 People Died While

Aliens, when you hear the word aliens, what comes into your mind? People around the globe have different opinions in terms of extra-terrestrials. But have you ever wondered that during the time the Egyptians were building the pyramids, how did they learn of architecture? What is the meaning of the markings on walls that archaeologists discovers? What is Area 51? And are we really the only living beings in the entire galaxy? There are a lot of questions poppin' out of your mind that are waiting for answers with proofs.

There is some evidences that is showing up on Youtube videos uploaded by people having extra-terrestrial experiences, some are fake as identified by skeptics while some are questionable if they are real or just graphically edited to look like an unusual behavior of aliens or UFOs. People and some former scientists that work in the so-called Area51 say that there are top secret videos, pictures, evidence and documents of communication and contact with aliens. In an article by Mr. Patterson from an interview with a former head research scientist Mr. Boyd Bushman before he dies,

Mr. Patterson said;

"Most of the aliens that Bushman encountered, he said, were quite friendly, but there were those that weren't. In fact, 19 people died defending themselves from aliens, according to the former research engineer. He called the good guys "wranglers" and the bad guys "rustlers."

Bushman described the aliens to be no more than five feet in height, humanoid in shape and size but with different eyes and noses. They also had five toes and five fingers but don't require talking to communicate, relying on telepathy to convey what they needed. If they started floating while working, they were easy to grab because they were dressed in dungarees."

This revelation before his last breath gave people more questions, why is Area 51 hiding the truth from the people? Given the secrecy of Area 51, it is clear to everybody that it is the center of all conspiracy theories. Now it is your time to tell if this leaked evidence of an interview with an alien is real of fake. Just click the link 'Above Top Secret' at the bottom of the page to view the video and tell us what makes you think if it's real or fake.

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