Nike has a new product: The 'Pro Hijab' for Muslim Athletes.

With International Women's' Day happening this week it seems fitting that Nike will soon be selling a performance hijab for Muslim women athletes. The head cover, which is called the Nike Pro-Hijab, has a single-layer pull-on design that is made from a lightweight polyester and will be available in dark, and neutral colors. The fabric's has tiny holes that will make it breathable while remaining opaque, which is a requirement for hijab-wearing women. Nike will start to develop the sports hijab after some Muslim athletes were complaining about wearing traditional head scarves during competition. The hijab design process took 13 months, and the final product should be available for sale in the company's Spring 2018 season. The Nike hijab is already being worn by Emirati athlete figure skater Zahra Lari. The Emirati skater said she was blown away by the fit and the light weight of the head cover. The Nike hijab is an exciting design that is sure to make Muslim women athletes happy. The move comes just weeks after a controversial Nike ad was released in the Middle East. The ad featured five successful female professionals from different parts of the Arab world who were pursing their athletic dreams along with a voice that asked what they will say about you. Which is a rhetorical question that many young Arab women face if they step outside of the cultural and traditional norms. The viral video had over a million views on social media, which prompted a debate over its message.

This year the inspiring theme for International Women's Day 2017, is #BeBoldForChange. What this theme is hoping to inspire both the masses and women to help forge a world that is more gender inclusive. It hopes that each person in the world whether it be women, men and non-binary people join forces together to be a leader within their spheres of influence by taking action to accelerate gender parity. An inspiring message for an inspiring day and spirit celebrated around the world.

Hijab is a traditional veil that is worn by Muslim women when the women are in the presence of any adult males outside of their immediate family. The hijab usually covers the head and the chest. The term hijab can also refer to any face, head or body covering that is worn by Muslim women that conform to a certain amount and standard of modesty. Hijab can also be a term that is used to refer to the seclusion of women from men in public.

The hijab is worn by Muslim women as a symbol of both privacy and modesty. In the Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World, modesty in the Quran concerns both women and men's gaze, gait, genitalia, and garments. The Qur'an also instructs Muslim women to dress in a way that is modest. Some Islamic legal systems define this type of modest clothing as covering everything except the face, hands up to wrists, and feet. These are guidelines found in the texts of hadith and fiqh and were developed after the revelation of the Qur'an. According to some people, the guidelines were derived from the verses also known as ayahs that reference hijab in the Qur'an. Some people believe that the Qur'an itself does not mandate that women should wear the hijab. This trending story is just one of the articles you will find on the CNN site. On the site you will also find business news, culture, gadgets, future, startups, today's top celebrity news, entertainment and so much more. On the site you can keep up to date with all of the current events that are happening around the world. **

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