No Bake Cannoli Eclair Cake

So you’re in the mood to have some sweet pastries and even baking it is an option, but you realized you don’t have an oven to do it. What are you going to do? Well, why not go for a no-bake cake? Yes, it is possible to have a cake without having the need to bake it!

Like most of us, you will be delighted to learn about how to make an éclair cake today and all you need is your refrigerator to make it possible. A no-bake cannoli éclair cake is your best option if you want to be spared from the heat of the oven. But before we get started on making this, how about a little trivia about where éclair came from?

Well, for those of you intrigued about this sweet delight of Choux pastry, it came from Burgundy, France. You will recognize that it is indeed an éclair because of its creamy filling. It is up to you what kind of filling you would you like to have. You could choose cocoa or even coffee. Others also have vanilla cream as a new option. It is usually oblong in shape and on top of it is an icing that would also make your mouth water.

This pastry is perfect for summer since you will have it refrigerated. The whole process is so easy since you won’t be required to cook a large quantity. The prep time for this recipe is not going to be chaotic as the usual baking of a cake. It is up to you as well to put in some of your alternative ingredients for the filling. You could be creative all you want. That said, strawberry-filling sounds good for this particular dreamy dessert.

Well enjoy! Check out the Cinnamon-Spice & Everything Nice website for its full recipe.

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