No bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Coconut Bars

There are so many amazing dessert recipes out there, and so little time to try them all out, for health reasons too, obviously! These No bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Coconut Bars are a quick and delicious treat that you can make up in no time. Best part is, there is no baking required! If you like chocolaty desserts as much as I do, than these would probably be able to cure that chocolate craving you have. At least for a little while. The even better part is that the ingredients are not too unhealthy at all! In fact, most of them are pretty good for you. They could classify as a pretty nutrient dense dessert in my opinion.

They have peanut butter, which is great for protein, coconut which is so good for fibre and other nutrients, honey has tonnes of amazing health benefits like helping your immune system, oats are awesome for protein and fibre as well and last but not least, the chocolate, especially if it is dark chocolate is amazing for you with high levels of magnesium! Yes, you can believe it, chocolate is actually really amazing for you, its just all the other junk they put into processed chocolate that makes it not so great for you. The sugar, the milk and other preservatives. That is the kind of chocolate you want to stay away from. Minimally processed chocolate, or cacao is very good for us. They Mayans and Aztecs don't call it the food of the gods for nothing you know!

This blend of amazing ingredients makes for such a simple and yummy treat. And as I mentioned before, no baking involved! The no baking recipes seem like they take a lot less effort to make, they don't go horribly wrong or fall apart if you don't bake them right, and they won't burn from cooking too long. Also, the measurements for no bake desserts can be pretty forgiving. You can tell the consistency of the dessert by how it looks right then and there, instead of the after thought once baking comes out of the oven that maybe you should have put more of this in, or less of that.

Plus no baking can be super fun for kids to get into making stuff in the kitchen! They won't get burned and they always have a dessert they can make knowing they can make this without having to turn on the oven!

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