No Dust Here! How to Effortlessly Clean Your Blinds

No Dust Here! How to Effortlessly Clean Your Blinds with these simple house cleaning tips and tricks. If you've ever wondered how to effortlessly clean your blinds and get rid of all that unpleasant dust and grime quickly and easily these are the household cleaning tips for you. By following these simple house cleaning tips on a regular basis, your blinds will be dust-free with great outdoor views that you can be proud of. The cleaning house tips themselves are pretty straightforward and include dusting, washing, and finally raising the blinds to wash the windows themselves so that you can enjoy your surrounding views. These house cleaning tips and tricks with blinds are effective ways to quickly and easily clean your blinds in no time.

It's a good idea to keep these house cleaning tips and tricks in mind when you are doing your monthly cleaning list, this way you can stay on top of it, and the blinds won't gather up so much dust. For starters, you can do a quick dusting by opening the blinds and cleaning between the open slats. Using a microfiber cloth, or a duster you might have on hand, you can even try using a vacuum hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner so you can clean up dirt and any cobwebs that have formed. Some house cleaning tips and tricks to clean the blinds can include mixing a nontoxic cleaning solution of vinegar and water and putting it in a spray bottle. This easy clean house tip is a non-toxic and environmental cleaning house tips you should always have on hand. This blind cleaning house tips will have you well on your way to your blinds being just like new again. If your blinds are really dirty, you can add a little bit of dish soap to help cut through the grime. For this house cleaning tips, you'll want to remember to give the spray bottle a shake before you start. If you don't have any cleaning cloths on hand, you can always use the house cleaning tips of using an athletic sock from your drawer and putting it over your hand. A good idea is to spray the non-toxic cleaning mixture over the sock, and you're ready to clean.

Simple household cleaning tips shouldn't require a lot of time or toxic cleaners. This blind cleaning house tip can also help with cleaning around the windows. Lift the blinds up and wipe around the entire frame of the window, so there is no dust left. When you are finished cleaning the dust around the windows, you can lower your blinds back to their original position. It's nice to have clean blinds again; you'll notice the difference right away. A good idea to stay on top of your house cleaning tips is to have a cleaning chart that lists the house cleaning tips and chores you need to stay on top of. You can organize the chart into daily, weekly and monthly chores.

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