No-Bake Chocolate Lasagna

Do you have a Love for lasagna? Would you ever want to try it in dessert form? Before you think that would be gross, just check out this awesome recipe for No - Bake Chocolate Lasagna Recipe. OK, it might sound a little gross at first, if you are thinking that the chocolate and whipped cream are just going to meld in with all of the different ingredients you would normally find in a traditional dinner lasagna, like the noodles, meat and sauce. But don't you worry, this recipe is definitely is so far from that, it is all dessert and all sweetness. It is like a layer cake of all of your favorite flavors mixed into one luxurious cake that you and anyone else who has a taste will absolutely love. Plus, it is the perfect dessert to make when you have a super hot day and don't want to turn on your oven and overheat your house. Which is why the author of the recipe over at Tip Hero made it, she wanted some thing really good to bring to a party, but it was way to hot to bake, so she found this recipe and voila! She was cool and happy, and everyone loved it!

The typical lasagna is obviously made with the layers and layers of broad pasta noodles, sauce, vegetables, meat, and cheese, but this one, the dessert version of a lasagna, is done with layers of chocolate graham wafers, chocolate sauce, cream cheese, and of course, whipped cream on top! It looks like it is a pretty simple recipe to make as well, all with things you can find at your closest grocery store. It almost looks like an ice cream cake even, with all the layers of fluffy whipped cream, cream cheese and chocolate. This might even be a fun recipe for the kids to make for some experience with baking, or non baking in this case.

The author writes that this recipe makes up to 24 servings, and that she had to send the rest with her husband to work so she wouldnít keep eating it all! Sometimes you just have to try a recipe out to know if itís a hit, and then after you know it is, and you might eat all of it, itís best to send it away! I love the sound of this recipe, all of the chocolate and cream, it really sounds like a hit to me, and the perfect cake for a hot day. Plus, you can't beat how easy it is to make, you barely have to do anything in the process, so that is a big plus right there.

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