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If you are looking for another rigatoni recipes ideas, you will want to take a look at the Cooking With Nonna recipe site. This Pasta Alla Norma recipe is another Sicilian signature dish recipe. In this rigatoni pasta recipe, you will find eggplants and cheese. This Italian dish was created in 1831 by a chef in Catania, Sicily, in honor of the Italian composer Vincenzo Bellini whose premier of his opera La Norma at La Scala in Milan was a complete fiasco. So, to make the composer feel better after his return home to Sicily, the chef created this recipe and this gave him the will to continue to compose and become of the greatest Italian composers. It goes to show that food has the power to inspire creativity!

On the Cooking With Nonna site, you will find a variety of rigatoni recipes from different regions in Italy. Some of the rigatoni recipes you will find on the site include baked rigatoni recipe, mezze rigatoni with mussels and cherry tomato recipe, mezze rigatoni with peas and prosciutto recipe and more. For the Pasta Alla Norma recipe the ingredients you will need include rigatoni, crushed peeled tomatoes, eggplant, garlic, basil, salted seasoned ricotta, olive oil, frying oil, salt, and pepper. To start, cut the eggplant into round slices about half an inch thick, do not remove the eggplant peel. Then deep fry the eggplants slices in some oil. Then once finished removing the excess oil with some paper towel. Then in a saucepan add some extra virgin olive oil and chopped garlic. Once the garlic turns a golden blonde add the crushed tomatoes and the basil. Add salt and pepper to taste. Then cook for approximately 15 minutes. Then cut the fried eggplants into strips about an inch wide and add to the sauce. Then cook for about ten more minutes. Then cook the rigatoni according to package directions and put in a large bowl. Add the sauce and mix well. Serve and garnish with Ricotta Salata.

On this Italian recipe site, you will find traditional authentic Italian recipes that have been passed down through generations of Italian grandmothers and Nonna's from all the regions of Italy. Rossella is the host of the all-new online cooking show and food webisode series, Cooking with Nonna. Rossella was born into a family of food lovers and culinary aficionado. While she was growing up, there was always something on the stove. Rossella is a first generation Italian-American from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Her Italian roots are from Mola di Bari, a small fishing village known as Mola where her parents were born. For Rossella cooking was never really about the cooking, it was about being with family, community and spending quality time with each other. Rossella spent most of her childhood in the kitchen with her maternal Grandmother Roman, where she learned the long legacy of recipes that had been passed down through the generations. Some of the Italian recipes you will find on the recipe site include three-cheese pasta recipe, arborio rice recipe, Arrabbiata sauce recipe, avocado pesto recipe, baked rigatoni recipe, and more. You will also find a baked rotini recipe, broccoli and shells recipe, butternut squash ravioli recipe, butternut squash risotto recipe, and more. On the site, you will find dessert recipes, cookie recipes, main dish recipes, salad recipes and appetizer recipes from all the regions of Italy.

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