Now You Can Have Your Own, Individually Tailored Cabin for Less than $3,000!

When purchasing a log home, every owner wants one thing: something that is truly unique. These Bespoke Log Cabins by Log Cabins Kent & Sussex are just that: able to be tailored to the tastes and usage of the individual purchaser. And with over 30 years experience, it really is no wonder that Log Cabins Kent & Sussex leads as the largest and longest established log home supplier in the South East of England, U.K. So, if you live in South East England, or are thinking of purchasing a holiday home there, you must check out the Bespoke Log Cabins by Log Cabins Kent & Sussex!

Log Cabins Kent & Sussex was an early leader of interlocked and sectional log buildings (aside from cabins, they also produce gazebos and garages) for both residential and commercial use. Their log cabins are prefabricated, meaning they are kits that are built off-site and transported either ready-made or in sections or pieces that can be reassembled on-site both quickly and easily. Not surprisingly, bespoke is more of a British term when used to describe an item that has been altered or tailored to suit the tastes of usage of a specific individual. Custom is the term generally used in America. However, both terms mean the same thing: something personalized. And when talking about a log home investment, something you may have been dreaming of for a very long time, it is wonderful to think that your own little slice of heaven can be built or altered to suit your needs or wants. This isnt always the case when purchasing log cabin kits.

An outstanding feature of this leading log cabin manufacturer is their care and pride that are not only evident in their products, but also in their eco-friendly philosophy. Not only is there almost zero waste when building their log cabins (especially compared with traditional brick and mortar buildings), but the pine logs they utilize have good insulation qualities requiring little-to-no synthetic insulation. Thus, anyone purchasing a Log Cabin Kent & Sussex building can take piece of mind knowing that they are doing something ecological and environmental to help reduce carbon emissions and minimize waste, which is good for the planet. Also, care for the future is a top concern for this log cabin manufacturer. They only source from pine wood forests that allow their trees to grow for at least 70 years. This helps provide superb, seasoned wood that is less inclined to spit or twist, but is also better for the environment, and the trees are all sourced from certified, controlled forests were replacement and sustainability are of paramount importance and are indeed assured and certified.

While there are many sizes and styles to choose from, Log Cabins Kent & Sussex are always willing to work with individual purchasers to create a truly unique design, although quality flooring and double glazed windows come as standard. There are plenty of opportunities to personalize these Bespoke Log Cabins from wall thickness to roof shingle selection, the choice is yours! And the best part is that these log cabins wont cost you an arm and a leg! Because they are prefabricated and there is minimal wastage, the company is able to pass on their time, labor and material savings to their customers. In fact, depending on size and customization, you could own a log cabin for less than $3,000! Imagine your own bespoke log cabin for literally a fraction of the price. They are definitely worth checking into!

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