Nutella Christmas Tree

That time of year around Christmas time is when all of the best dessert recipes come out for everyone to try and enjoy! This Nutella Christmas Tree recipe is one of the many you can add to your Christmas baking list if you enjoy to bake and share your baking with others. Take a little quick baking lesson from Steve at Steve's Kitchen on YouTube. Steve, who has his own channel dedicated to baking and cooking, brings us this fabulous looking brioche bread with Nutella inside of it... Doesn't that sound amazing? Well, it looks just as amazing as it sounds. When you see the video, your mouth will just be watering at the sight of it!

Steve offers very detailed and easy to follow instructions in this Nutella Christmas Tree recipe video. He moves along at a slow enough pace so that you don't feel like you are missing anything, but not too slow either, like you are watching him do the whole entire process. He shows each step, but cuts to the pieces already being formed so as to save some of your time. It really helps to watch the video in it's entirety first too so that you understand the process fully. Steve has quite a chipper personality that makes listening and watching his videos a pleasure, and it is always such an added bonus to be able to watch someone make something before you make the pastry recipe.

This bread may look like it is a complicated thing to make, but I assure you, it just takes some time, but it is not too difficult of a recipe. With any pastry recipe, you want to make sure you take the time to make it. There is nothing worse that wanting to make a pastry dessert and being in a rush. The pastry isn't difficult, but it does, however, require your patience and attention. The actual dough is very simple and is your tropical bread dough recipe with a mix of flour, sugar, milk and eggs, with some yeast of course. You let the dough rise after it is mixed, and then you separate it into four pieces. These four pieces are rolled out into a triangular shape and layered with Nutella, like a pastry and Nutella sandwich. Then the fun part is when you get to twist the dough! It is really fun watching Steve cut the little sections of the dough and then twist them up to look really quite fancy.

Once all is said and done, and the Nutella bread has baked in the oven, he then creates a glaze on the bread and sprinkles some sesame seeds to look like snow flakes, which looks quite cute. Icing sugar would also be a nice way to emulate snow since it has that powdery snowy affect down pat. This is one of those great Christmas time recipes that you will love to share with your family and friends. You will impress yourself and then them, with your baking skills, since your Christmas tree bread will totally look like something that came from a professional bakery! So save this video and keep it on file so that you can make it this Christmas. You might even be able to think up some different ways to alter the recipe, and you could add different things like the filling could be something different. For example, I think a light cream cheese and cherry pie filling spread would be lovely in it, and it would give the nice festive red Christmas colour as well. You could even try out a different shape for different occasions. A circle would be fun, and it could look like a pinwheel! This Christmas Nutella tree recipe is sure to be a hit in your home!

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