Nutella S'mores Dip

You only have to read the name of this "Nutella S'mores Dip" recipe to know that it's going to be good. This easy to do sweet recipe, has five ingredients in a S'mores Dip that brings campfire flavors to the kitchen in less than ten minutes, and is sure to be loved by both kids and adults alike.

You'll want to watch this short step by step recipe video tutorial on how to make the best Nutella S'more dip recipe, you'll be glad that you did. The ingredients you will need for this Nutella S'mores dip recipe include butter, Nutella, chocolate chips, large marshmallows and graham crackers. To start preheat your oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat an oven safe skillet, a cast iron pan is preferable, on medium high. Add butter and swirl to coat. Remove skillet from heat and add Nutella to form an even layer. Add chocolate chips. Layer with marshmallows until the mixture is completely covered. You will be so glad you tried this recipe.

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There is something about marshmallows that make us feel like kids again. Maybe they remind us of marshmallow roasting around the campfire, because roasting marshmallows to a golden brown is really the best way to eat the popular sweet, they are also pretty good in between two graham crackers with a piece of melted chocolate, delicious. You probably didn't know that the marshmallow plant dates back as far as it does, the sweet sap has long been a favorite flavor. The use of the marshmallow plant to make sweets dates back to ancient Egypt, where the recipe called for extracting sap from the plant and mixing it with nuts and honey. Another pre modern recipe uses the pith of the marshmallow plant, instead of the sap. The stem was peeled back to reveal the soft and spongy pith, which was boiled in sugar syrup and dried to produce a soft, chewy confection. The marshmallow plant's sap was also used by gladiators in ancient Rome. The sap was rubbed on the body in preparation for the fight.

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