Oh No! A Though Spill to Clean Right? Not with This Simple Trick!

If you love to clean using products that are good for the environment, the main cleaning products you need are: Baking Soda, Lemons, Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil and Salt.These ingredients used separately or together will provide you with the cleaners you require to make a sparkling clean kitchen. Use the baking soda to scrub stains and scour stainless steel. A thorough wipe down will eliminate any white residue from the baking soda. If you wipe your

counters with white vinegar (undiluted), it will disinfect them. You can even dilute the vinegar (perhaps a 4:1 ratio) and use it to clean floors as well. The antibacterial properties of tea tree make it essential to have in the home and its aromatic properties are welcome in the kitchens and bathrooms. These products are all safe for animals and people and good for the environment as well. You can use these simple products and avoid harmful chemicals that we are washing into our water supply pls filling the landfills with empty plastic cleaning bottles.

Lemons are a great natural whitener for laundry and a half of a lemon covered in course salt makes a good scrubber for the rings in your bathtub. Lemons can also be chopped into slices and put into a bowl of water, and then placed into the microwave oven on high for 4-5 minutes. You just leave it to sit there and the steam from this "lemon-soup" will soften any dried on old food and will allow for an easy clean with a simple wipe down. It is best to just leave the hot bowl of lemon water in the microwave until it cool down to avoid any possible spills and burns. The best part about this trick, is your microwave will smell great for the whole week!

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