OMG Lemon Brownies

Mmmmm, Delicious Lemony Goodness! This mouth-watering lemon brownie recipe is sure to please anyone who enjoys a tasty lemony flavour, and have them coming back for more. Combining the rich texture of brownies with the savoury taste of fresh lemons, these lemon brownies look to be a superb treat for the whole family.

I have long been a big fan of lemons in foods, such as cakes and desserts, and of course lemonade. I absolutely love the taste of lemons, for me it brings back memories of summertime as a kid when I used to sell lemonade at a stand in front of my house. As I sat in the hot sun next to my stand, I would steal sips of the delicious lemonade I had made to sell to passer-bys. I learned valuable lessons of how to interact with others and by raising 75 cents a glass I learned that hard work pays off as well. Now when I drive past a lemonade stand it reminds me of my childhood. I think it's very good for children to have the experience of having their own lemonade stand to build their confidence.

To me, the taste of lemons and lemonade is still the perfect way to cap off a hot, busy summer day. Something about lemons is just so quenching that no matter how tired or thirsty I am, my spirits are uplifted by the tasty lemonade I drink. Also, not only are lemons delicious, they also have low calories and a high amount of vitamin C so you feel good when you are eating or drinking them.

The zesty lemon flavour of these brownies seems unreal. Not only do they have the flavour I love, they also have the moist, rich feeling of regular brownies mixed in.

Now it is your turn to try this delicious lemon brownie recipe for yourself! Please click the link below to visit The Taylor House website for the full, easy to print the recipe, and enjoy.

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