One Hour Rolls

Sunday Dinners, Birthdays, special events, Öitís a chaos when we prepare meals for these occasions especially for working Moms like me. We have to think of new ideas, and new recipes to impress our guests, to excite your kids and to make each occasion something unique. For me, preparing the menu is the most difficult task to do. As much as possible, Iíd like to prepare food that are easy to make and are less time-consuming. When you discover a good recipe that only takes an hour, that is such a bonus for me.

One of the occasions that I find hard to plan is the Thanksgiving Day. You have to get everything ready at the same time. Not to mention the side dishes and the turkey! Yes, the turkey! Everybody knows how long and how critical it is to cook this. (LOL! Yes, I use the word critical because if you are not careful on cooking it. Youíll end up under or over cooking it.) So, when you are cooking the other side dishes, make sure that you are also keeping an eye of the turkey. Another food that I like to serve on Thanksgiving is the bread. Traditionally, I serve breads that are brought by my husband at a famous bakeshop here where we live. Last year, I stumbled on something in the internet which caught my interest. It was a recipe for buns that only takes an hour to make, including the baking.

It is called One Hour Rolls. Yes, honey, you heard me right. Just one hour! I gave the recipe a test, and now I always bake these amazing One Hour Rolls.

I serve them at party gatherings or even on weekends with my family and I canít wait to try and bake my very own for my Thanksgiving Day dinner..

This is a great recipe, and I am glad I found it.You should try this one too. Saves you time, and will give you the best, tasty and delicious rolls youíll ever have. Visit the 'Community Table' website below and Happy cooking!

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