One of the Best Ever Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls have been around for a long time, and are a Swedish recipe by origin, now, they are famous in North America, and there are even places that sell only cinnamon buns. Here is a great recipe for One of the Best Ever Cinnamon Rolls! They are pretty simple to make, which is why they are so great, they are basically just a bread dough, that is rolled up with a cinnamon sugar spread and then either left as a sticky bun, or topped with cream cheese icing! Bread has long been a staple for people all over the world. There are so many different kinds of bread out there for all of the different traditions and cultures out there. This recipe comes to us from You Tube user Gemma Stafford, who shares a lot of great baking videos on You Tube. This video is so awesome, because you can really follow along with what she is doing, and see exactly how she makes these great cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon rolls have to be one of the top favourite desserts out there, people just love that yummy, soft dough, with a hint of sugar and all of the cinnamon, the cream cheese icing helps too I suppose! Doesn't the video just make you want to make a batch so you can try them out?! I know I sure do! Just the scent of cinnamon in anything is so good, it is just one of those super comforting scents that just makes people feel so at home. Especially in the fall and winter time, when we could all use some warming up. You can always buy your cinnamon rolls at a bakery or at the grocery store, you can even but pre made dough for them in the refrigerated section, but there is something about making them at home, fresh, that is so much better! This is a great No Knead cinnamon bun recipe. That's right, you don't even need to Knead the dough! Kneading the dough might be one of people's least favourite parts about making bread and bread rolls. But, this recipe makes it possible for you to make bread without kneading.

Basically, you just leave the dough for a long time, and this creates the gluten that your dough needs. The gasses build up, and the dough gets stronger as it sits and, the flavour gets better the longer it sits. All you have to do after that, is roll out the dough, allowing it to rest if it starts to spring back. Then, you make your cinnamon spread, that gets spread liberally all over the rolled out dough, you don't want to be shy with the spread, this is what makes the cinnamon rolls nice and gooey and sticky. Then you roll it all up into a nice roll that looks like a sushi roll and cut them up into the buns! As they bake, the cinnamon spread caramelizes, making that nice, sticky sauce inside and on the bottom of the cinnamon roll, that everyone loves so much.

All you have left to do is make the cream cheese frosting and layer it on top of the cinnamon rolls when they are out of the oven. Then, for the best part, the best part of all, eating a nice, warm cinnamon bun straight out of the oven.... There is really nothing better than that! You can put some butter on your cinnamon roll if you wish as well, for some extra decadence, or just eat it as is. This definitely looks like an awesome recipe for cinnamon rolls, and I am definitely saving it to try out in the future. Will you give it a try yourself? Make sure to like the video and save it to your favourites, so you can make it!

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