One Pan Mexican Skillet Rice

Here is another Mexican dish to conquer your table for the upcoming outdoor events. I know we had you at the words ‘Mexican dish’ – which we all tend to love! This One Pan Mexican Rice Skillet is going to be worth your time and effort. Once you take a spoonful of this Mexican dish, you will want to make it again. Before we begin to devour this Mexican dish, let us discover first the gal who made our lives sweeter.

Kelly deserves a big round of applause plus twenty thumbs up. She is the woman behind One Pan Mexican Rice Skillet. ‘Life Made Sweeter’ is her blog. She is the writer, cook, baker, photographer, and recipe developer of ‘Life Made Sweeter’. Kelly has created her blog to keep track of her adventures in the kitchen and be able to share them with everyone. Kelly’s blog is truly sweet as it offers loads of recipes. “You will find a variety of healthy, sweet, savory along with indulgent dishes and desserts,” says Kelly. Just what we all love to find, am I right?!

For this recipe, you are going to need nineteen ingredients plus additional and optional toppings. The other great thing is that this recipe only uses one pan to create the whole meal! One of those ingredients is the uncooked long grain white rice. However, if you like to try something new besides white rice, brown rice can be used as a substitute. Out of interest, brown rice has a lot of health benefits to offer. It has anti-oxidant properties and also aids in weight loss. It is also recommended for those who have diabetes as brown rice, according to Dr Linda Kennedy in the website Vegkitchen, help stabilize blood sugar level. It also contains a lot of B vitamins as well to aid in nervous system health. The other ingredients are ground turkey meat or beef, peas, corn, and bell pepper, with lots of Mexican spices like cayenne, chili powder, paprika and cumin. You can top it all off in a bowl with avocado, green onions, and sour cream or plain yogurt, for a healthier option. There is also some nice melted cheese in this one too, to make it extra yummy!

This is the perfect kind of meal for those nights where you just don't really know what to make, or, you just don't feel like making anything too extravagant or crazy. Meals can take a lot of time to cook as well as prepare, which is why its so great when you can find an awesome meal like this one, where you don't have to fuss or wait too long. Especially when you have hungry kids waiting for something to eat. This would make for great leftovers for lunch the next day too. So try it all out!

Once you have all the nineteen ingredients and your desired toppings, you may proceed to the most exciting part which is cooking. Now is the time for you to enjoy One Pan Mexican Rice Skillet! Visit the ‘Life Made Sweeter’ website for the full recipe.

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