One-Pan Pasta and Sausage

This One-Pan Pasta and Sausage Recipe is perfect when you don't want a lot of dishes to clean up afterwards. This pasta recipe cooks in one skillet or frying pan where everything simmers together, in this creamy pasta recipe that everyone will love. Some of the ingredients you will need for this pasta recipe include shredded Monterey Jack cheese and heavy cream, smoked sausage and Campanella pasta or penne pasta. For this pasta recipe, smoked sausages are used which only add to the flavor of this yummy main dish recipe.

Cast iron frying pans are just one of the frying pans you might consider for this one pot pasta recipe. Cast iron cookware has been around for a very long time and is known to have excellent heat retention properties when used. Seasoning your cast iron frying pan is used to protect bare cast iron cookware from rust and to create a surface that is non-stick. The different types of bare cast iron cookware can include waffle irons, Dutch ovens, panini presses, crepe makers, frying pans, deep fryers, woks, flattop grills, and griddles. You will find that cast iron cookware has been used for cooking for over two thousand years. Cast iron cookware was used as early as the Han Dynasty in China for use with salt evaporation. Cast iron cooking pots and cauldrons were a treasured cookware items as they were durable and excellent at retaining heat so that they would improve the quality of the prepared meal. In Europe, before the kitchen stove was introduced in the middle of the 19th century, recipes were often cooked in the hearth or the fireplace, so cooking pots and pans were designed for use in the hearth. This meant that all of the cooking vessels were designed to be suspended on, or in a fireplace. So cast iron pots were made with handles that allowed them to be hung over a fire, or with legs so that they could stand up in the fireplace. Cast iron Dutch ovens were a commonly used cooking pan that was called a spider because of its handle and three legs used to stand up in the coals and ashes of the fire.

Penne pasta and Campanella pasta are just two of the more than 310 different types of pasta that are available. Pasta comes in both dried and fresh varieties in lots of shapes and pasta varieties. In Italy, the names of the different types of pasta shapes can often vary with each region in Italy. Years ago pasta was simply eaten plain, so the idea of using tomato sauce recipes to give it more flavor was a unique idea. Pasta was also known to be eaten by hand as only the wealthy could afford to buy eating utensils. The way that people eat pasta recipes has changed, as it was once a small, simple ingredient, but today it is often eaten in larger portions and as part of complex, and sophisticated dishes. You will find pasta available in a wide variety of recipes from lasagna recipes, soup recipes, pasta recipes, alfredo recipes, spaghetti and meatballs recipes, carbonara recipes, salad recipes and more.

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