Ooooh! Banana Split Icebox Cake

To all our avid readers out there, get ready to say “Ooooh! Banana Split Icebox Cake!” This dessert is something that looks like it came out straight from the walls of a Hansel and Gretel storybook! It looks so sweet that you’d automatically imagine the candy house from that children’s story we all grew up reading and enjoying. The way the baker has arranged its layering and garnish will make your imagination run wild with how good it will taste. The good news is that you don’t just have to stare at it and imagine because today, you can make this delightful dessert in your very own kitchen!

We discovered this amazing sweet treat from a blog called Hugs and Cookies. The design of the website alone is already looking sweet with its inviting pink background. That alone would tell you that the one who owns it is a very lovely lady. The blog will make you relive your childhood fairytale dreams and would make you believe in happy endings. This is owned by Danielle, who also would like to describe her blog as her “cookie castle and foodie fantasy land!” She is married to her own Prince Charming, and together they have two adorable sons.

We thought it’s also cute that her husband and her two kids are her official tasters and first-hand critics. Danielle is also an elementary teacher of children in the first grade. No wonder why she loves the idea of fairytales because she’s surrounded by kids on a daily basis. She treats her classroom as her castle. She is very family oriented because she doesn’t seem to miss any of her boys’ sporting events. As a food lover, she loves being in the kitchen and dining out with the love of her life when it’s time for date night. Visiting her page is so worth it because you will learn a lot from her the variety of desserts that she posts.

For now, allow us to share with you her ingredients for this sinful dessert. You will need some cream cheese Fairytale Brownies, cool whip, hot fudge, walnuts, maraschino cherries, bananas, heavy cream, instant vanilla pudding and some milk. You can make two layers of brownies out of this recipe, and you can fill it with the yummy vanilla pastry cream. Place some banana, hot fudge, walnuts, cherries and whip cream on top of it and you’re ready to hear the hallelujah chorus.

The creator of this recipe site is Danielle, a wife and mother of two boys. They make up her official taste test committee. She is a first grade teacher who enjoys baking away in her kitchen and fine dining with her husband. Some of the recipes you will find on this site include dill pickle dip recipe, baked crab rangoon cups recipe, cheesy chili lime street corn recipe, cheesecake and crackers recipe, cheddar and bacon savory cheesecake recipe, grilled shrimp and pesto recipe, pepperoni bread recipe, broccoli cheddar soup recipe, apple pie bars with caramel recipe, lemon meringue pie cheesecake square recipe, mini mascarpone Oreo Cheesecakes with Chocolate Ganache recipe, caramel apple crisp cheesecake recipe, chocolate cheesecake banana bread recipe, Pumpkin Bread Pudding recipe, Shortcut Crumb Cake recipe, Lemon Meringue Pie Cheesecake Squares recipe, Tomato and Mozzarella Skewers recipe, Bacon Cracker Candy recipe and lots more.

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