Oreo Doughnut Holes (Glazed)

When it comes to dessert recipes, there are so many to choose from, and whether you're feeling like some cake recipes, pie recipes, dessert bar recipes, cookie recipes or bread recipes, there is surely something to cure everyone's sweet tooth. Check out this awesome looking "Oreo Doughnut Holes (Glazed)," recipe for a dessert recipe that will definitely please everyone in the house! Who doesn't love donuts, and if you love donuts, then you are sure to love the donut's children, the doughnut hole! Especially when they are made at home, and especially with an epic recipe like this that is full of amazing Oreo cookie flavour and a nice glaze to top it all off! Oreos are a classic cookie that so many people love, they have been eaten for over 100 years now, and not much has really changed about them except their imprint on the top of the cookies. When you think of Oreo cookies you almost always think of twisting them open and licking the icing off of the cookie!

These amazing looking glazed Oreo doughnut holes, look as good as they sound! The dessert recipe is simply a doughnut hole stuffed with a mini Oreo. The next step is to remove the creamy filling of the larger sized Oreos and melt it to make the perfect icing to drizzle on top of these yummy little bites! This mixture is generously drizzled over the little bites of Oreo goodness for an irresistible dessert recipe that will have people talking and asking you where ever did you get them! You really want to take a look at this recipe site for the full recipe details and the scrumptious photos that go along with it. The photos alone will make your mouth water and make you want to make some just so you can see what they taste like!

The creator of this website is not a trained chef, and really doesn't take food too seriously, she likes to keep things interesting in the kitchen. The recipes are her original creations, with some of the recipes just tweaked versions of classic recipes that everyone knows. This recipe site is seriously one of the most original recipe sites I've seen, and you really have to take a look at some of the food recipe photos and recipes to believe it. Some of the recipes you will find on this site include breakfast recipes, appetizer recipes, dinner recipes and easy recipes. Some of the original recipes names you will find on this site include - waffle crusted maple bacon cream pie, you seriously have to take a look at this one to believe it, s'mores with bacon, pudding cup s'mores pops, Cap'n Crunch cereal bowl filled with Cap'n Crunch dessert, Cheeto boys, and bacon shot glasses, yes you read that right, and those are just to name a few of her awesome and interesting recipes. To read more about this recipe, visit the website link below to the "Oh Bite It," recipe website.

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