Oreo S'mores Triffle

You can never have too many dessert recipes, whether it be cookie recipes, cake recipes, pie recipes, bar recipes or bread recipes everyone loves desserts. This "Oreo S'mores Trifle," recipe is an adorable addition to any table.

This Oreo s'mores truffle recipe is a super easy no bake treat, made in a tiny mason jar, so everyone gets their own perfect treat. For this easy dessert recipe some of the ingredients you will need include graham cracker crumbs, chocolate pudding and marshmallows. To start you will press the graham cracker mixture (graham cracker crumbs mixed with melted butter) into the bottom of the tiny jars to form the crust. If you don't have tiny jars you can always use a drinking glass or small dish. Next you will want to prepare the instant chocolate pudding, using packaged pudding mix, or if you'd prefer a pudding recipe from scratch. When the pudding is prepared you will want to add it to your trifle. One of the layers includes a healthy dose of marshmallow whipped cream, topped with toasted tiny marshmallows and chocolate sauce. You can use a blow torch (be careful) to toast the marshmallows or you can toast the over your stove or barbecue for the perfect toasted marshmallow topping. This Oreo s'mores truffle recipe will be a success at parties, picnics or any night of the week!

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