Oreo Stuffed Brownie Cookies

Do you have a ‘sweet tooth’? Are you constantly craving brownies, and cookies, and chocolate and icing? Then I have the perfect solution for you with this Oreo Stuffed Brownie Cookie recipe. Enough said. (Except, I do want to say one more thing: these are so freaking delicious!)

“Something Swanky” is a dessert blog by Ashton, who believes in ‘doing what you love and loving what you do’ (I wonder, does that include loving to eat Oreo Stuffed Brownie Cookies?). Ashton blogs about desserts because she likes dessert best of all the foods (I have to agree with her there!). So let’s talk about dessert then. Usually dessert is the course that concludes a main meal and consists of sweet foods and beverages (can you believe that in some parts of the world there is no tradition of dessert to conclude a meal?!). The term can be applied to many foods, such as cakes, tarts, biscuits, pastries, pies, puddings and one of my favorites: cookies. (Did you know that cookies come from the Dutch word koekje, meaning ‘little cake’?)

Oreo, one of the main ingredients in this cookie recipe, is a type of ‘sandwich cookie’ that consists of two chocolate wafers with a sweet crème filling and has become the best-selling cookie (in the United States) since its introduction. The National Biscuit Company (today known as Nabisco) first developed the “Oreo Biscuit” in 1912; it was launched as an imitation of the Hydrox cookie, manufactured by the Sunshine company. The product underwent numerous name changes, including Oreo Sandwich and Oreo Crème Sandwich, until it was changed to Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie in 1974. I love the commercials with young children eating Oreos with their older siblings, or parents, twisting the ‘top’ off, licking the icing and dunking the cookies in milk. I still do that to this day. Although Ashton’s Oreo Stuffed Brownie Cookies make this rather difficult, they’re so delicious I’ll ‘forgive’ the break in my tradition.

So, how does Ashton do it? For the most part, it involves a basic brownie mix and Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. Unlike regular Oreo-stuffed cookie recipes, where the Oreo tends to stay a little hard, in this cookie recipe the Oreo softens due to the “fudgy” brownie mix. Other than these two ingredients, the only other items you will need are eggs, vegetable oil, flour and chocolate chips. Pretty simple. While this cookie recipe makes 12 Oreo Stuffed Brownie Cookies, I would personally double or triple the recipe (seriously, these cookies are so good they’ll be gone… quick… and you’ll want more, so make more now!). After mixing all of your ingredients (except the Oreos), start scooping dough. A scoop both under and over each Oreo. Gently press and flatten the dough around the Oreo and voila! Oreo Stuffed Brownie Cookies. Bake for ten minutes, let cool for an additional 2-3 minutes and then stuff your face!

In ancient Mesopotamia, India and other ancient civilizations, sweets were fed to the gods (so let us all be gods (or goddesses) for a few minutes while we savor the deliciousness of these Oreo Stuffed Brownie Cookies). These “fudgy brownie cookies with crackly tops, gooey insides, packed with chocolate chips, and stuffed with an Oreo” are a sure crowd pleaser. They’re simple to make and taste almost “sinful”. Paired with a glass of cold milk, this is the most delicious Oreo Stuffed Brownie recipe ever!

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