Oreo Truffles

Get your baking groove on! Its time for some Oreo Truffles! Check out this great Oreo truffle recipe amongst other fabulous truffle recipes on My Recipes website. Dessert recipes like truffles are so awesome to make, not only are the really tasty, but they are some of the easiest recipes for desserts. You get the taste of a cake or a chocolate all in one little bite sized serving. They are like a cake that you can try several different kinds of with out having to eat a whole piece of each of them. You could eat probably four or five little truffles and that would be about the equivalent of a piece of cake. So if you have a party coming up, and want to try out some different recipes, check out the slide show on My Recipes website and make some different kinds of truffles to share with friends and family.

These truffles are extremely easy to make as well, and there are not many ingredients to them either. All you need are some crushed up Oreo cookies, white chocolate chips, chocolate chips, and cream cheese. All you have to do is just process the cookies into crumbs and then mix them with the cream cheese and form them into little balls. The balls then get frozen for a few hours, and then you drop the dark chocolate over top of the balls, and then drizzle lightly with the white chocolate to make them look nice and fancy. They then go back into the refrigerator or freezer and let the chocolate set. Once they are done, they will be the perfect crunchiness on the outside, and the perfect soft, doughiness on the inside... Can you just imagine it now?! So good.

The Oreo is a beloved cookie that has been being made for over one hundred years now. There hasn't been much that has changed about the recipe either, or the imprint on the cookie itself. Oreos gained popularity over the last century as the cookie everyone likes to twist to reveal the icing. When we are kids, we play games like asking the Oreo cookie a question and if the icing reveals itself to be on the right cookie it is a Yes answer, and if it is on the left cookie, it is a No answer, or visa versa. It was something fun we played around with and it made eating the cookie more enjoyable than it already was! Of course, you always see the commercials of the people dipping the Oreos in the milk too, which is also yummy to do.

This truffle recipe is such an easy recipe to prepare, and would be great for any occasion. The great thing is, is that there are no nuts in this recipe either, so it would be able to suit a lot of different people's dietary needs and allergies. Check out some of the other types of home made truffles recipes in the slideshow you will find through the link to My Recipes. There are simple chocolate truffles, which are also really delicious, there is a recipe for almond truffles, chai truffles, which sound amazing because I love chai tea. There are some healthy options you can try like coconut date truffles, with less sugar in them, which is always a welcome thing, less sugar is always nice. Or try some ice cream truffles that have ice cream on the inside of them and a hard chocolate outside shell. There are so many different variations and recipes for truffles, try a bunch of different ones the next time you entertain. People will absolutely love the bite sized little treats and it will be so fun to try a variety of them.

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