Our 3 Favorite Vegan Chocolate Bars

Our 3 Favorite Vegan Chocolate Bars will give you an idea which vegan chocolate bars are the best chocolate. This list of favorite vegan chocolate bars come from the folks at the "Bon Appetit" site, where they were developing the recipe for their chocolate tart, and they tasted lots of vegan chocolate bars to find their favorite recipe. Some of the vegan chocolate bars were super fruity while others had a crumbly texture that wasn’t quite right. Many of the dark chocolate bars are vegan, but they do not advertise as being vegan, this list focuses on the vegan chocolate bars that advertise themselves as being dairy-free. Vegan dark chocolate is a chocolate bar recipe that has no animal products in it, so that means no dairy, honey or eggs. On the recipe site, there is also a short step by step recipe tutorial for how to melt chocolate in a double boiler.

When it comes to using vegan dark chocolate or the best dark chocolate in a dessert recipe you want to make sure that the taste and texture are going to work in the recipe. By knowing beforehand which healthy dark chocolate to use, you can be assured that it will taste good in the final recipe. First, on the list of healthy dark chocolate is the Theo Pure 85 percent dark chocolate bar. This is a super-dark chocolate bar that is intense in a good way, with a nice smooth and well-balanced finish. This healthy dark chocolate bar was perfect in the tart recipe. Next, on the list was the Madecasse 80 percent Cacao dark chocolate bar. This dark chocolate bar is bright, with a roasted coffee-like flavor making this healthy dark chocolate bar just as good for baking in recipes as it is for snacking. You could use this best dark chocolate for use in frosting recipes, to make chocolate truffle recipe or dark chocolate sauce recipes, or for dark chocolate-chunk cookie recipe. One more on the list of best dark chocolate vegan bars is the Scharffen Berger 82 percent extra dark chocolate. This dark chocolate is a well-rounded, low-acidity dark chocolate bar that was a bit of the fruity taste to make it good for baking, but it has a nice peppery, fig like sweetness that you will love.

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