Outrageously Cheesy Stuffed Pretzel Bombs

Are you always on the lookout for great bite size foods that go perfectly on movie nights or when you are entertaining guests? The recipe we are featuring from 'The Slow Roasted Italian' will make your list of 'must try'.

What we have here is a from scratch recipe for a pretzel type of dough to form the balls that are stuffed with cheese, boiled kind of like a dumpling. The balls are then placed into the oven, sprinkled with course salt and st to bake until browned. The cheese melts inside and the flavor and smells are going to drive everyone crazy!

Boiling first! Hmmm, so that is how a pretzel is cooked. Bagels are also boiled before baking. This may come as news to anyone that has not made either of these before.

Many people will steer away from recipes where they need to make the dough, but veteran home cooks know that it is not difficult to make breads and these types of recipes. Our young featured baker even had her 3-year-old hanging on her apron strings and found the process to be fun and no problem, so please be brave if you have never attempted this type of recipe and just go one step at a time.

You will see that this recipe calls for a mild cheddar. This type of cheese will certainly give you the result of a nice orange flavor in the middle, and cheddar cheese melts nicely and gives great texture. If you have other favorite cheeses that you love, this is where you can adapt the recipe to suit your taste. Just be sure you select a good melting cheese.

Kosher salt is the best choice for the salt as it has a large grain texture which is what you are looking for in a pretzel.

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