Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Are you looking for a new recipe to try? Want a quick and easy appetizing dish? Have picky eaters in the family and want them to eat vegetables? Now is the time to have a little experiment in your kitchen with this new and easy recipe. This won’t take long to make. 10 minutes is the total preparation time and 25 minutes to cook everything. In 35 minutes, you know have yourself an appetizing recipe.

Don’t like Brussels sprouts? Would you be interested to eat it if it were more appetizing? Of course you would. Not to worry because we have here an exciting Brussels sprouts recipe that will make you eat more of it. What’s the twist? It is oven cooked together with bacon. Bacon adds a very delicious taste to any ordinary dish you want to cook. For those who are not familiar what a Brussels sprout is, It is a leafy green vegetables that are typically 2.5-4cm (0.98-1.6 inches) in diameter and look like miniature cabbages. Brussels sprouts have been popular in Brussels, Belgium where it has originated and got its name. It has a common method of how it is prepared for cooking. You need to cut the buds off the stalk. Once the buds are cut and cleaned, you can boil, steam, stir fry, grill or roast them.

But for this recipe, bacon is used to make it more deliciously appetizing. Bacon is a meat product that is prepared from a pig and it is usually cured. It is first cured in large quantities of salt, either in brine or in a dry packing. Bacon may be eaten smoked, boiled, fried, baked or grilled. You can also use it as a minor ingredient to flavor dishes. To add more aromas to your Brussels sprouts dish, it is recommended that you use olive oil. Olive oil is a kind of oil that is green in color and has a fragrant smell to it. It is also used as a salad dressing and can be use for sautéing.

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