Owl Cake Tutorial!

For most people, owl symbolizes wisdom, keeper of sacred knowledge, and foresight due to the fact that owls are good foreteller of weather conditions. Owls are actually a guide in order to uncover your hidden abilities and potential. So, with the thought of a wise owl presiding over things and thinking thoughtfully, I guess it would be a great gift idea in terms of making an owl cake. What do you think?

This adorable owl cake can be made for your child, the budding nature enthusiastic, or even your dear life long friend who you have shared many moments with. Well, since Valentines is coming days from now, it would be a great idea to bake it for my parents. Since their years together reminds me of the wisdom and sweetness of the owl cake.

So here it is! The cake has a basic recipe and the fun part comes in with the cutting and decorating! You’ll probably enjoy this tutorial!

Here’s what you will need:

- 2 six inch round cake layers

- 1 half of a ball cake layer

- 2 cups of chocolate frosting

- 8 inch foil cake board or cake platter

- 1A round decorator’s tip

- Decorator bag

- A few balls of coloured fondant

- Round cutters – 1 1/2 inch, 2 inch, 3/4 inch (or base of 1A tip)

- A small offset spatula

Isn't it actually a good gift idea that you should try? Well, this one would be a perfect idea actually. It may consume you most of your time to make the cake, but the output of this will be much appreciated. Try this over the weekend or any occasions that will be soon coming and surely everyone will love it. Share this recipe to your friends and happy baking!

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