Party Angel Food Cake

You can never have too many dessert recipes, with cake recipes, cookie recipes, bar recipes, candy recipes and bread recipes to name a few. This "Party Angel Food Cake," recipe is yet another recipe you are sure to want to try out! Angel food cake is an all time favourite for many people. It's the very angelic sister cake to the devil's food cake, this is because it is lighter in colour and in density as well. Angel food cake is like eating a puffy cloud of sweetness! I remember my mom making it for us all when I was a kid. I loved it just plain even. It has such an interesting flavour to it. It is also great with some whipped cream or some lighter icing. I absolutely love it with strawberries and whipped cream, that is a wonderful and light dessert. I remember my mom even making it for me for a few of my birthdays, she would put a barbie in the centre and then the whipped cream would become the dress for the barbie! So much fun!

This angel food cake takes angel food cake to a whole new level though! WOW! This party angel food cake recipe actually took a few months of testing before coming to the final recipe you see on the site. The recipe claims to be the fluffiest angel food cake, the cake is light as air, with added rainbow sprinkles, chocolate ganache and crunchy hazelnuts. Angle food cake is mostly all egg whites, beaten to extra fluffy, with no egg yolks, none. This is what makes it so nice and light. The cake recipe has no baking powder or soda either, this angel food cake recipe depends strictly on air and steam for leavening. Some of the other ingredients you will find in this recipe include flour, sugar, and cream of tartar. It is a fun and very rewarding cake to make at home. Otherwise, you can always use the cake mix that you find at the store of course. But what fun is that?!

The writer for this recipe blog is Sally, a self proclaimed baking addict, who like to take pictures, write, run and bake. The kitchen is where she can get her creative juices flowing and the site is a place she can share her ideas. She started the site as a place to document her life after college, sharing recipes she baked on the weekends, but as she continued to do it, she made it her full time job and she has published two cookbooks. Her recipes are classic and approachable, and inspired by her favorite seasonal flavors and recipes passed down in her family. She like to write informational posts about different baking techniques and how to use proper ingredients to achieve the best results. So also shares both her recipe fails and trumps so that readers can learn through her mistakes. Make sure that you save this great recipe! To read more about this recipe, visit the website link below to the "Sally's Baking Addiction," website!!

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