Pasta Sauces

To me, nothing says “comfort food” more than a good pasta dish. And what does every good pasta dish need? Why, a great pasta sauce of course! Rossella, of the food blog “Cooking with Nonna”, shares “Grandma’s Italian recipes” and is the perfect food blogger to visit if you’re looking to create perfect Pasta Sauces. Rossella mentions that pasta sauces are an essential part of every Italian pasta dish. Some recipes are simple and some can be quite complicated, but she states “they are all an interesting reflection of the area of Italy that the sauce originated in.”

You know, it is interesting: in cooking, a sauce can be a liquid, a cream or even a semi-solid food. Sauces aren’t usually consumed by themselves, as they’re meant to add flavor, moisture and aesthetic value (or visual appeal) to a dish. Sauces can be prepared and served both warm and cold. Even Worcestershire and HP are sauces, much like soy sauce and ketchup. Some of the more complex sauces, especially for pastas, actually come from Italy where they can be broken down into different varieties of Italian Cuisine (savory sauces for dressing meats/fish/vegetables, savory sauces for dressing pasta and dessert sauces). Rossella focuses on pasta sauces in this particular blog post.Sure, you can break out a can or bottle of your favorite pasta sauce, pour it into a pan, heat it up and heap it over your pasta… or you could take a little extra time and care and try one of Rossella’s authentic Italian pasta sauce recipes. She lists multiple sauce recipes including “Amazing Spaghetti Sauce”, Cannelloni, Fettuccine Alfredo, Gnocchi with Gorgonzola, Pesto… really, the list just goes on and on (thankfully, because I plan to try them all and I know I’ll be upset when I reach the end!).

One of the pasta sauce recipes that caught my eye was for “Sunday gravy”. It isn’t gravy at all, it’s pasta sauce (with meatballs)! But, some Italian Americans (especially on the East Coast and around Chicago) refer to tomato sauce as gravy or “Sunday gravy”. The term is derived from the Italian tradition of having a large family dinner on Sunday afternoons. My family, too, had large family dinners on Sunday afternoons… but our gravy was nothing like this. The average user rating of all of Rossella’s pasta sauce recipes if 4 out of 4. With all of the “foodies” out there, these ratings are impressive! But, this should come as no surprise. Rossella is the host of the new online cooking show and webisode series “Cooking with Nonna”. She is also the recent winner of the Food Network’s 24 Hour Restaurant Battle. It’s really no wonder that Rossella is such a gifted blogger and cook – she was born a first-generation Italian-American into a family of food lovers and “culinary aficionados”. Give one of Rossella’s pasta sauce recipes a try for yourself and see if you don’t come back in search of another amazing recipe!

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