Have you dreamed of baking your very own Pasticciotti pastries but never knew where to start? Well we’ve found this very simple yet amazingly yummy recipe for Pasticciotti over at the “Cooking with Nonna” website. It’s so great, we really wanted to make sure that you know about it!

First of all, though, what exactly is Pasticciotti? It’s an Italian pastry that’s as popular in Italy as Croissants are in France. It originally turned up in the Lecce and the Salento region, and can still be found in almost every pastry shop, restaurant, and pub that you visit there. Sometimes you can even see them being made – that’s always a treat!

These lovely little delicacies have a thin crust and are filled with pastry cream. Yum! That is your very basic Pasticciotti, but you can also get very creative with the filling, trying out different flavours and combinations and giving your friends and family a big surprise when they bite into them. What fun!

Pasticciotti was first “invented” in 1745 at a pastry shop called Pasticceria Ascalone in a small Italian town called Galatina. Believe it or not, Galatina still exists, as does Pasticceria Ascalone! Back in 1745, Galatina was notorious for its pizzica dancers. Pizzica is a traditional Italian dance that is said to take its dancers into a trance-like state. Unfortunately, this dance was frowned upon by non-Galatinians and the people of Galatina were ostracized by their neighbouring towns and cities. So, in order to improve their reputation, they tried to find something that would make the others like them better. That’s when Signor Ascalone came up with Pasticceria! This delicious little pastry won everyone’s heart and put Galatina on the map as a top dessert destination.

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