Peach Cobbler

There is nothing quite like this Peach Cobbler Recipe idea to fill up the house with the lovely cinnamon smell of peach cobbler baking. A good peach cobbler recipe is such a good way to end the day, or to enjoy as a midday treat. Everyone has a different preferences when it comes to cobbler recipes; some people like a lot of topping while other prefer a little. Some people like a cobbler that is super sweet and others can do without so much sweetness. This peach cobbler recipe can be adjusted to suit your preferences. If you love extra toppings, then you can double up the ingredients for the topping part of the recipe. You might ask what the difference between a pie recipe and a cobbler recipe. Typically a pie recipe is baked in a shell, whereas a crumble recipe has a crumbly topping without the crust. For this peach cobbler recipe, you can opt not to use the peaches and use blackberries, blueberries, or whatever fruit you'd like instead. No matter which fruit you use, this dessert recipe is sure to be a success. You can eat this peach cobbler recipe on its own, or you might want to serve it with some vanilla ice cream, or whipped cream.

The peach is a deciduous tree that is native to the region of Northwest China between the Tarim Basin and the north slopes of the Kunlun Shan mountains, this is where the peach was first domesticated and cultivated. The peach tree grows an edible and juicy fruit called a peach or a nectarine. Peaches were first brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers in the 16th century and eventually made their way to England and France in the 17th century, where became a prized and expensive fruit. George Minifie, a horticulturist George Minifie supposedly brought the first peach trees from England to its North American colonies in the early 17th century, planting them at his Estate of Buckland in Virginia. Although Thomas Jefferson had peach trees at Monticello, in the United States farmers did not begin any commercial production of peaches until the 19th century in Maryland, Delaware, Georgia and finally Virginia. The low-acid white-fleshed peaches are the most popular kinds of peaches in China, Japan, and neighboring Asian countries, while Europeans and North Americans historically prefer the acidic, yellow-fleshed cultivars. A serving of peaches has good amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, and lesser amounts of calcium and iron.

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