Peanut Butter Cookie Lasagna

Lasagna! YUM, we all love lasagna and know how that is made and what it is made out of. But what about peanut butter cookie lasagna? Just what is this. It sound delicious. This pan of decadence is made up of nutter butter cookies, cool whip (or my own personal favorite on this would be using the real whipping cream), peanut butter cups, peanut butter and vanilla pudding. This is a lot of favorites all layered into one amazingly easy to make treat. This peanut butter cookie lasagna would be a fantastic choice for your next special dessert.

How often do you use peanut butter in your home. This is an easy to love food.

What about the peanut? Do you know how peanuts grow. When asked that question, you will be surprised how many people don't know the answer. Peanuts are not like walnuts, hazelnuts and pecans. They do no actually grow above ground on trees.

Peanuts are actually a part of the legume family. A peanut seed is planted in the ground and it produces a small plant that has oval leaves and grows about 18" in height. The flower of the plant blooms above ground while the peanuts develops below ground. After self-pollination, the flowers will lose their petals. Next the flower centers start to enlarge. The pedicels which are the stalks connecting to the ovaries now turn downward to the ground and divide and fort shootlike 'pegs'. These pegs extend into the ground. Now they embed into the ground horizontally and mature into a peanut that contains 2-4 peanuts! What an interesting growing process. So if anyone ever asks you how do peanuts grow you now can give them the answer!

We are sharing this dessert from the scrumptious 'Hugs and Cookies' website. They have a lot of great desserts and you can find the ingredients and instructions by visiting the link below.

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