Peanut Butter Cornflake Clusters Dessert Recipe

In a world of snacking and cravings, this delicious dessert bar from MomSpark website takes the cake and will do wonders to satisfy those super sweet tooth cravings. With a combination of sugar and corn syrup, this dessert guarantees a hit of sweetness. If you are wanting to make this 'not so healthy' dessert a little more guilt free, then be sure to try to find organic sugar and organic corn syrup which will have less chemical processing that remove possibly nutrient content and add in bleaches and other chemicals to make it so white and clear.

When looking for peanut butter be sure to choose one that only has 'peanuts' as the ingredients. 100% peanuts is all you need, and be sure to keep it refrigerated and always check the best before date so you don't wind up not feeling well. The best kind of chocolate for added health benefits will be over 70%. We are never going to stop craving sweets, but we can certainly do our best when baking at home to make these sweets as chemical free as possible. You may even find that making that dessert a wee bit healthier, you won't have desire to eat quite as much because it will taste even better with these decadent ingredients.

Ingredients for Peanut Butter Cornflake Clusters Dessert Recipe:

- 1 cup sugar

- 1 cup corn syrup

- 1 jar (18 oz ounce) peanut butter, crunchy or smooth

- 6 cups corn flakes

- 3 oz good quality chocolate of your choice

This recipe is actually as easy and simple that a 4 year old can do. You can actually add some chocolate drizzles or any sprinkles if you want, depending upon your taste.


For directions of this recipe you can check MomSpark website for more detailed procedure. Have fun , enjoy and share the recipe to your friends!

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