Pecan Pie Cake

Wow, a pecan pie cake that is going to make you smile. This is a three-layer cake, with a creamy filling, and the cake is loaded with pecans. Each bite is going to make your senses fill with joy!

Want to know some great tips to baking cake. Cake baking is a bit of an art, not that you need worry as even the less than perfect cakes always get eaten.

Always preheat your oven to the called for temperature before you put your cake in. Temperature matters! So long as your oven is working correctly and holding its temperatures, when a recipe calls for a certain time to bake, it is pretty accurate. Most recipes say Bake for example 20-25 minutes. 22 minutes may be the perfect time in your oven. Elevation makes a difference as does oven types. Always set your timer for the lowest time. At that point do the toothpick test that is insert a toothpick in the center of the cake. If it comes out clean, it is done! Another method to test is to press lightly down with your finger in the center of the cake. If it bounces back up, it is ready. If it leaves and indent it is not yet done. Problem with that is you can end up with little indents in the top of you cake that may or may not matter to you visually.

Measure your ingredients accurately. There is nothing more precise that baking. Cooking is an art; baking is a science. In order for baked goods to come out as intended, measure wet and dry ingredients precisely. Dry ingredients should be levelled off in their measuring cups with the flat edge of a knife. One cup means one cup, and not a cup with a little extra!

Cakes require the correct liquid to sugar to flour ratio for correct leavening.

Happy baking! Please visit the 'Sweet Jeanette' website below for the complete recipe.

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