Peep Bars

What is better than Easter candy? All the Easter candy is on sale the days after Easter. What time is better than to make your pilgrimage to your local grocery store and stock your cart full of half price chocolate and a couple of packages full of those colourfully charismatic peeps? They're brightly coloured marshmallows in cutesy little Easter themed shapes. What more could you ask for? Besides the scale in your bathroom breaking and forgetting that you ate three bags of Easter M&M's on your own last night. That is definitely a dream that we have all had more than once. Some more than others...

All you need for these peep brownie/cake bars, is a knife to cut off the heads of some chickens - brightly coloured chickens that are made of mostly yummy, yummy, delicious sugars, some chocolate cake mix - or vanilla, we aren't cake-ist, and some more of those Easter themed m&ms that you definitely didn't eat...cough cough...

Proceed with the recipe, and when you take those suckers out of your preheated oven you'll have a masterpiece of pretty spring colours on your hands. It really is a thing of beauty. Those peeps melt together to create a swirl of sugary goodness that leave way to a moist cake awaiting underneath. And the chocolate! Muh! Beauty! Is there really anything better after a weekend of being stuffed full with food and small chat. This was what you needed after those action packed egg hunts with grandpa, and those post-poned bedtimes for just one more egg art project. This is the perfect way to say good bye to easter and to properly welcome spring into the new year. Plus, the bright kaleidoscope of colours really is a work of art that is a fail proof way of bragging over your bad boy baking status all over instagram. Just saying.

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