People Love the Floor Plan of this Majestic Elk Log House

One thing most people can agree on is that natural is always better, this house from the ELK Fertighaus website is no exception. People love the floor plan of this majestic Elk log house, and if you love log houses, you will too. The ELK Fertighaus company is based out of Switzerland and while most of their distributers seem to be in Europe, maybe they would be able to ship world wide as well upon request. Otherwise, it's always super inspiring to have a look and check out what is available and get some ideas for your own log house building project. Log houses have been built around the world for centuries in all different cultures. As far back as Roman times, and even before that, people have been using trees to build structures to live in as well as using them for a variety of other projects such as building boats and ships, tools and furniture. Since Neolithic times, people have been using wood to create fires to keep warm and to cook food on, so it's safe to say that wood is a valuable commodity. We have come to rely upon wood and revere as one of the best natural building materials known to man.

Log home building is an art that has been passed down from generation to generation. Log houses were first built in America in settlements on the east coast of the United States by Swedish and Scandinavian settlers who had learned the craft of log home building from past generations. English and French settlers began to learn the ways of building log cabins and houses that would shelter their families in the cold, harsh winters of the North American landscape in the US and Canada. Back then, everything was accomplished by hand, from hand peeling and hand hewing the logs, as well as scribing them and notching them with hand-held tools rather than the electric and gas powered ones we use today like chainsaws. Imagine how much work it would be to create a log home or cabin back then, certainly more intensive than building log cabins and homes today. These practices were shared and passed down over time to newer generations which is how people today still know the craft behind creating the most gorgeous log houses. Of course now, we even have log home building kits and cabin kits that really take a lot of the grunt work out of building log cabins. But these kits still allow people to get their hands dirty and build something that's all their own.

These particular homes from ELK Fertighaus are built by the manufacturer in a controlled environment inside their warehouse space. Having your home built in a covered shelter like this will really help to speed up the building process since the work doesn't depend on the weather being nice or not. Having your home built on site means that the contractors will have to contend with the weather which can sometimes put off building plans for months depending on where you live. Once the homes are built into modular pieces, the pieces are shipped to the building site to be assembled by the company contractors. The client will usually have to have to foundation ready to go at this time so that the building can be placed right away. Log home building projects can take anywhere from a few months to a year to accomplish depending on the company's methods and the size of house you are having built. Enjoy having a look at all of the awesome log house designs on the ELK Fertighaus website and get some ideas for your own dream home or cabin.***

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