People LOVE These Magical Blender Muffins

Have a blender and a muffin tin? You have all you need to make these Make Magical Blender Muffins. There have been many of these blender muffin recipes showing up all over the internet, so why not try a recipe out and see how good they are? You can make healthy apple muffins, blueberry muffins, banana muffins, chocolate chip muffins, literally any kind of muffin you can imagine. This recipe is one of those fun breakfast ideas that will make mornings easy, yet nourishing. Perfect for people on the go who want to have a healthy breakfast or healthy snack options. These are also loved by kids, which many parents know can be hard to please at times. All of the nice, sweet fruit and the healthy grains give them a great breakfast to begin their day right. The best thing about these muffins is that they don't have any refined sugar in them. That's something everyone can love. Refined white sugar is notoriously found in our food, making it hard to get away from. Store bought healthy snacks and other healthy foods still tend to have sugar as a main ingredient to help make the food taste better. But when you are eating or feeding your kids cereal that has 3 or 4 tablespoons of sugar in it, it becomes less of a healthy breakfast option.

See, sugar can give us a great jolt of quick energy, which is what makes it so appealing in the morning after we haven't eaten for 8 to 10 hours. But, this sugar, once in the body, processes very quickly, and burns up, leaving us feeling worn out and burned out, and craving more sugar. It's smart that our bodies crave something that will give us some good quick energy, but what it actually needs is some energy that can be used gradually. This is why the eggs in these blender muffins are so great, they give us some protein in every muffin. You could even try to incorporate your favourite protein powder into the muffins if you liked for even more protein. There is also no wheat in this muffin recipe. The recipe calls for oats which are the main grain in this recipe, and are a very filling grain to eat in the morning. The sugar is replaced with ripe bananas that are mashed into the batter, and some honey which is a great natural sweetener to use in substitution of refined white sugar. If you are looking for another natural sweetener to try, give maple syrup, agave, or coconut sugar a try. Each of these has still is considered a sugar, but they don't have as high a glycemic index as white sugar.

You simply blend all of the ingredients from the list in the recipe in your blender to make a nice thick batter. The great thing is, you add in the fruit and other ingredients in after you pour the batter into the muffin tin. So you could do half of the muffins as berry muffins and half as chocolate chip muffins, or you could do each of them in a different flavour. To make the healthy apple muffins, you just add chopped apple and some cinnamon to the poured out batter. To make this recipe vegan, simple swap out the greek yogurt for a non dairy yogurt, and the honey for maple syrup or one of the other sweeteners we mentioned before. Double this recipe to have plenty to make breakfasts through the week, you could even try freezing them and then just take them out the night before you want to eat them. Easy breakfasts are always best.***

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