People Love to Have One of These Houses from Rocky K Log Homes

People would love to have one of these houses from Rocky K Log Homes and Construction. For people looking to make their log home building dreams come true, Rocky K Log Homes and Construction is one of the log house builders to get the job done. Located in Leitchfield, Kentucky, the company has been building log houses for over two decades. Owners Ellis and Sandy Kiper, went into the business of building log houses back in 1992 when they decided to put their passion of log houses to work. Like many people, Ellis and Sandy have a love for nature and all it provides us, including logs for log houses. While Ellis custom builds log houses, he also has had experience with dealing Honest Abe Log Homes building packages and was awarded Dealer of the Year by the company in 2009. Ellis and Sandy found that Honest Abe Log Homes was the company that matched all of their values and visions for what a log house package should be. So whether you choose to have a custom built log house, or purchase a log home building package, you'll be in good hands.

Log house builders from the company can do a range of services. From the insulated foundation of the home, to turn key options, everything can be taken care of to get a customer into their home. How much a customer wants the company to do is up to them, but generally, people want something that's move-in ready. This would be the turn key option. Even though the company themselves may not put in all of the finishing touches, they will certainly schedule all of the appointments that need to be made, and do all of the corresponding that needs to be done so that the log house designs are exactly what the customer wants. Since many people are too busy to call around, talk to and meet with sub contractors, it's nice that Rocky K Log Homes features this service. Also, since every log house needs a wood burning fireplace, Rocky K Log Homes will help their customers get the most beautiful, authentic stone fireplace and mantle. This will add so much to the log house designs and will usually be the focal point of the home. On the other hand, if the customer wants to have some hands on experience in building their own home, the company will only build the shell of the house leaving the rest up to the customer to finish. This can be a fun project for anyone who has the time and the desire to do it.

On the Rocky K Log Homes Facebook page, you can browse through many photos of the log houses they have built. You can even see some of their current projects underway and have a glimpse inside the log home building process. All of the log houses these log house builders construct are absolutely amazing, most of them are quite large too, which requires great skill and craftsmanship. If you're thinking about building a log house and you're not sure whether you want to go with log house builders or a log home building package, it would be helpful to look at some of the beautiful log house designs featured on their Facebook page. You can also learn more from their new website that just launched a year ago featuring great photos of many of their projects they have worked on. Enjoy having a look and getting inspired by the gorgeous log houses they have built and stay tuned into their Facebook page for more log house designs.***

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