Perfect and Stunning Tiny House

Ever dream of having an off grid tiny home of your own? This perfect and stunning tiny house cabin in the woods could tide you over until you get one to call your own. Located in Government Camp, Oregon this little cabin in the woods is the perfect vacation destination for people who prefer a quiet retreat in nature to unwind and relax. You can rent cabins like this when you visit Government Camp located in Clackamas County, Oregon. This is the only town close to Mt. Hood which makes it a popular tourist destination, as well as the ski hills close by, two of them are Timberline Lodge and the Mount Hood Skibowl. People love to travel here in the winter months to take part in the skiing and snowboarding as well as other winter activities like snow shoeing and cross country skiing. Just spending time within the cozy walls of wood cabins is also a wonderful way to spend time when visiting an area like this. Taking advantage of the peace and quiet, and the stillness in the air, not having to do anything but just be.

Many people enjoy having a place like this to use as a cabin to use recreationally, or, to live in year round if they love off grid living. Small log cabins create the perfect little off grid tiny home to live in full time or part time. This particular off grid tiny home is the perfect example of how amazing wood cabins can be. Surrounded by the large fir trees and some snow on the ground, beckoning us into the door way by the soft, warm glow of light. While this cabin is mainly built from logs, there are also some stone masonry touches on the home. The two front pillars at the entrance way are created out of stones, giving them a solid base that will stay strong over time. This cabin seems like it would have maybe one or two bedrooms spread out over two levels, since there is a window on the upper level of the home. Inside, there could be a nice, stone built fireplace as well, to make beautiful fires in to warm the home up efficiently. Most small log cabins will use a wood burning fire place rather than a propane fireplace because of the availability of wood to use as firewood. When looking for wood in an environment like this, it's best to use trees that have naturally fallen over, gathering the pieces by cutting them into smaller bits with a chainsaw, an then chopping them with an ax. Or, there are people who collect fire wood and sell it to others which makes it easiest.

Small log cabins like this one were likely to be the main dwellings of people who were settling here in early days. European immigrants had to start from scratch, so they would simply build log and wood cabins from the materials found in their immediate environment. The Swedish people were the first to build log houses and cabins, and they would then show other settlers how to build them. These log home and cabin building traditions have been passed down for centuries through craftsmen and tradesmen who perfected the art of building. We can still have log houses and small log cabins handcrafted by these craftsmen, or we can try our hand at learning the tradition ourselves. There are also log home building packages for sale that include all of the materials needed to build a log cabin like this one, and a small cabin like this would only take a few weeks to build. Enjoy looking at some of the beautiful photos including this one on Tumblr.***

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