Perfectly Pink Angel Food Cake

Sometimes the old classic recipes are the ones that are still the very best, even til this day. Like this Perfectly Pink Angel Food Cake! Some things just can't be improved too much upon, and our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers just had it right all of those years ago when they made these recipes time and again. The awesome recipes that are tried, tested and true. Many of us have the privilege to maybe even have a few of our grandmother or great grandmother's recipe books or cards, sometimes written in their own hand writing, or little side notes penciled in on the margins of the recipe book pages, making their notes of what worked best for them in the recipe. Sometimes we are even lucky enough to learn how to cook or bake from our grandmothers, and mothers. They can sure teach us a lot about cooking and baking, if we take the time to be taught. Many cultures actually revolve around the passing down of family recipes, and this is probably how most of them have gotten to us today.

These kinds of recipes are the best, because they hold the memories of so many and provide a perfect nostalgia like no other! That is what Rosie figured out when she found an old recipe book that she used a lot when she was a little girl. She would always beg her mom to let her bake something very often, which sounds like how I was too when I was a young girl. I loved making something new and exciting! My mom would often allow me to make things when I was young and I would help her in the kitchen too. My mom had me in the kitchen helping her bake since I was super young. I even had my own tiny little apron. It is actually still in a keepsake box! I guess that is where I get my love of baking from. It is so awesome to have family be able to spend time with us in this way. It makes for such great memories too.

This pink angel food cake is so adorable and looks like it would taste really delicious too! Just look at the nice, light and fluffy angel food cake with the nice light and fluffy marshmallow frosting... AND sprinkles! You can't forget the rainbow sprinkles! This is a dream cake! Wouldn't it be perfect for a girl's birthday party?! I would even love it for my birthday party or any occasion, even for Easter, or for a baby shower. It just looks so nice and feminine. The marshmallow topping is always a great pairing to an angel food cake too. Even some nice strawberries would be awesome on the side. This is a great recipe that you should save for future use. This is a very special recipe from some one's grandmother, which makes it even more wonderful. You can imagine all of the times it has been made. Try out this fabulous cake soon! Head over to ' Sweetapolita' by following the link in the section below for more!

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