Pets Have their Fur trimmed to Make their Heads Square or Circular as Part of Bizarre New Trend in Taiwan

The purpose of grooming our pets is not only for esthetic reasons but it is also necessary to maintain their health. With the well-kept appearance of your pet you will be able to determine if your animal suffers from any skin conditions, infections, patches or pesky fleas. It is recommended to start the grooming early, even as young as three weeks old. The frequency of cutting your dog hair should be between 6 to 8 weeks. Daily brushing of your dog will help regenerate the stripped oils, those oils are essential for the skin of your dog since without them your pet will experience the domino effect. No oil equates dry skin, dry skin equates itching, and itching equates skin inflammation.

The average price to get your dog professionally groom range from $30.00-$90.00 But not all groomers are created equal, to find the best groomer you will have to make your own research . The best way to find a great groomer is either from a referral, a veterinarian or from an association. Even though several places of establishment offer grooming services you can also find these services available at large chain company like PETCO or PetSmart. If you think getting your pet professionally groom will cause a hit on your wallet you may opt to do it yourself you will just need the proper tools and a hint of patience.

You want to take grooming your pet to a new level of eccentricity or embellishment? Taiwan has been taken over by hair groomers creating geometric form cut for our furry friends. Talking of a perfect photo to be posting on social media to attract new followers or likes, well a lot of the owners have been doing just so and keep coming back for more.

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